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Office Reopening Plan

May 27, 2020

Reopening Date and Limitations

Beginning Monday, June 1st, GSWSA will reopen its Conway Administrative Building to the public with limitations.  As we reopen, there is more opportunity for our employees and customers to be exposed.  It becomes more important than ever that we continue and re-focus our efforts to minimize the spread of this virus. Although our lobby will be open to the public, GSWSA encourages all customers to conduct business over the phone, online, and through our drive-thru services to protect the health of everyone. 

The following specific requirements will be in place to reduce the number of customers in the office at any given time and to reduce risk of exposures:

  • All payments will be required to continue to be made through our drive-thru services only. No in-person payments will be accepted at this time.
  • All customers required to meet with a Customer Service Representative in person will be assisted in a designated conference room. No more than two individuals from one family unit will be allowed in the conference room at any time.
  • All customers/vendors requesting to meet with an employee of the Authority at any GSWSA facility will be assisted by appointment only. Individuals without an appointment will be turned away.
  • Any public bid opening held at a GSWSA facility will be limited to no more than ten (10) individuals at one time.
  • Any customer that is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. shortness of breath, cough, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever, upset stomach, etc.), was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or may have been exposed to the virus is prohibited from entering our offices and should conduct business over the phone, online, or through our drive-thrus. 

Due to the limited space and number of employees, the Marion Administrative Office will remain closed to the public and will continue to utilize its drive-thru for all services.  If a customer is required to meet with a Customer Service Representative at this location, the customer will be accommodated. 

Safe Work Practices

  • The following safe work practices and measures will be administered to protect the health of our employees and others:
  • Employees will wear appropriate PPE as they perform work tasks that could expose them to COVID-19.
  • Protective barriers will be in place within the Customer Service and Billing areas where customers have direct access to our employees.
  • All employees that have direct interaction with external customers will be asked to wear a protective face covering if unable to keep a 6ft distance. 
  • Lobby furniture will be rearranged to enhance social distancing requirements.
  • Social distancing practices will be followed by keeping a distance of 6ft or greater when able.
  • Employees and/or customers will be prohibited from congregating in small or large groups.
  • Enhanced daily cleaning and sanitizing of work areas, frequently touched areas, tools, equipment, vehicles, etc. will be administered.
  • Encouraging frequent hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds and practicing respiratory etiquette.
  • Employees who display symptoms of sickness will be asked to leave the workplace immediately and monitor symptoms according to current CDC guidelines.
  • Limiting face to face interactions and using other forms of communication such as over the phone, email, and conducting meetings virtually as alternatives.

Pulls for Non-Payment

GSWSA will resume all pulls for non-payment beginning July 1, 2020. Prior to any pulls taking place, delinquent customers will receive auto calls to remind them of their past due balances and will receive a letter via direct mail or email (for customers on paperless billing) beginning June 1, 2020.  The letter will provide information related to resuming disconnections for non-payment and ask the customer to contact a Customer Service Representative to discuss their account. 

GSWSA will continue to monitor SC DHEC and CDC guidelines and follow any executive orders provided by Governor McMaster.  This reopening plan is subject to change and will be updated accordingly and as required.  GSWSA will continue to make adjustments as needed to conduct business safely and responsibly.  

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