GSWSA History

A young boy and girl enjoy a drink of fresh water.History

In the early 1970's, our founders saw the need for clean, potable water and sewer services in the rapidly developing non-municipal area east of the Intracoastal Waterway in Horry County. This vision included a comprehensive and coordinated water and sewer utility system that would allow Horry County to develop its full potential.

This sense of purpose led to a modern success story, the Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority. From a utility with no assets, customers, or funding, in fifty years GSWSA has grown into a company with assets over 1,027,000,000, approximately 116,000 customers, and annual revenues over $185,000,000.

From a limited service area east of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Authority has expanded to provide services from the North Carolina line to parts of Georgetown County, and rural areas west of the Waccamaw River. In a county known as the 'Independent Republic', we provide contractual services to five of the county's municipal water and sewer utilities and two public water companies. The development of the GSWSA has been instrumental in Horry County's growth from a population of 70,000 in 1970 to over 375,551 today.


GSWSA provides water and wastewater services that protect public health and the environment, promote economic development, and enhance quality of life.


To remain the preferred water and wastewater service provider and leader in quality and value while expanding our products and services within the region. 


GSWSA is committed to supporting the community's well-being by acting with integrity and fairness.  We value:

  1. Affordable, Quality Service
  2. Public Health and Environmental Protection
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Efficient and Effective Operations
  5. Employee Commitment
  6. Teamwork