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EMERGENCY REPAIR-CRYSTAL LAKES 11hr 35min ago @ 10:28am
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Water Meter Obstruction

Help Us Avoid Obstructions

Please limit your landscape area around your water meter box.  There needs to be an easy access to your water meter box, to allow GSWSA to effectively make repairs and/or take monthly readings. Items such as bushes, trees, shrubs, and other materials that are placed over and/or around water meters can hinder GSWSA staff from performing their job. These items also can attract snakes, spiders, rodents, wasp and fire ants that can potentially pose a threat to you as a customer or to GSWSA’s employees.

Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority requires a three-foot area around each water meter box for clear access.

IMPORTANT: Never use kerosene, gasoline, or other petroleum based products to get rid of fire ants in your water meter box.  These chemicals can permeate the plastic (PVC) service line and contaminate the water supply.