Water Quality Reports

The 2022 water quality report, which contains important information about the source and quality for GSWSA, can be viewed online for your area by using the links below.

Horry County: http://www.gswsa.com/wq/horrycounty.pdf
City of Marion: http://www.gswsa.com/wq/marion.pdf
City of Mullins: http://www.gswsa.com/wq/mullins.pdf
Town of Nichols: http://www.gswsa.com/wq/nichols.pdf
Town of Lake View: http://www.gswsa.com/wq/lakeview.pdf
Little River Community: Little River Community Water Quality Report 

Please call (843) 443-8202 for a paper copy.

El informe de calidad del agua 2022, que contiene información importante sobre el origen y la calidad de GSWSA, se puede ver en línea en su área mediante el uso de los enlaces de arriba. Por favor llame (843) 443-8202 para obtener una copia de papel.

The EPA selected GSWSA to participate in the Unregulated Contaminant Regulation 4 (UCMR 4) program in 2020 for Horry County. Unregulated contaminants are constituents in the water that do not have a drinking water standard set by the EPA. The purpose of monitoring for these contaminants is to help EPA decide whether the contaminants should have a standard. For more information on the contaminants or UCMR 4, please contact SC DHEC at (803) 898-4300. For a complete list of parameters tested during the UCMR 4 sampling event, please call Customer Service at (843) 234-8460.