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Backflow Prevention

Law and Regulation – Purpose – Certification – Recertification

GSWSA Backflow Recertification Application -- GSWSA Backflow Device Test Report Form

2024 Backflow Prevention Recertification Schedule


R.44-55-20 (d) and 44-55-40 (d) State Safe Drinking Water Act


South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Regulation R.61-58.7.


The purpose of a cross-connection control program is to prevent waterborne Diseases and contaminants from entering the distribution system and thus the water we drink. More exactly, the program is intended to prevent delivered water - water that has passed onto consumers - from re-entering the public distribution system and being subsequently delivered back to other consumers. The cross connection program aims to protect the Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority’s water system and its consumers from those water using establishments which could possibly harm the quality and safety of the community water supply through backflow and/or cross-connection.


The backflow prevention certification workshop is a three day course that instructs students on how backflow can occur and how cross connections can be addressed and/or eliminated. During the course, State regulations are reviewed and testing procedures are demonstrated. Students participating in the workshop will get hands on experience in backflow prevention. A written exam and a wet lab exam must be passed in order to achieve certification, which is valid for three years. To view upcoming workshops and cost please click on the following link:


A certified backflow prevention tester’s license will expire every three years. In order to become recertified, the tester will be required to take a 25 question written exam and test a double check valve assembly, pressure vacuum breaker, and a reduced pressure principle assembly in the wet lab. The tester’s differential gauge must be accurate to within 2% of full gauge scale or +/- .03 psi differential.

The two ways to complete the requirements for certification are listed below.

1. One way to renew your backflow certification license is to request a study guide from Mr. Steve Fox at [email protected]  You can also print the study guide at this link (Backflow Recertification Study Guide). 

2. The second way to become recertified is to go back through the three day state sponsored backflow prevention certification workshop described under "Certification" at the cost of $250.00 per person.