Wastewater Plant Information


Bucksport Plant

The Bucksport Regional WWTP is our most recent wastewater treatment plant, commissioned in 2015, and is located in Bucksport. The plant is permitted to treat 5.0 million gallons per day and discharge treated effluent onto Rapid Infiltration Basins on adjacent GSWSA owned land. The plant serves residents in Bucksport and surrounding areas.

The plant employs a parallel Activated Sludge Oxidation Ditch process that functions to reduce total nitrogen to produce a high quality effluent prior to discharge into the Rapid Infiltration Basins.

The biological solids that are generated during the treatment process are treated to Class A standards through composting to provide the most beneficial reusable product.  The composted material is utilized as crop fertilizer at several of the SCDHEC approved Authority farms.

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