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High Tech Turf Farms

Give Your Front Yard a Makeover

GSWSA offers quality turf by the pallet or piece through High Tech Turf Farms. Each pallet covers 500 square feet and is available in Centipede for open to lightly shaded areas, and Bermuda for bright open spaces. You can pick up your sod or have us deliver it to your site. If all you need is to cover a few bare patches in your new front yard, we have convenient scrap and by-the-piece programs. But if you need to re-sod a couple of football fields, we offer volume discounts for purchases of more than 25,000 square feet.

Sod Farm employees and delivery personnel may accept payments by check or money order only. Scrap and sod-by-the-piece purchases are pick up only.

  • Quality turf by the pallet for any size project.
  • Centipede or Bermuda varieties available for wooded or open yards.
  • Pick up or delivery available.
  • Volume discount for 25,000 square feet or more.

Service Area Retail Rate (Horry County)

For questions involving the following prices or prices outside of Horry County please call High Tech Turf Farms at (843) 443-8311.



Price Per Pallet

Bermuda Delivered $ 100 + delivery charge
Bermuda Pickup $ 100 - See pickup requirements below
Centipede Delivered $ 100 + delivery charge
Centipede Pickup $ 100 - See pickup requirements below

Volume Discount Rate

Bermuda sod may be purchased at the Volume Discount Rate provided a customer has since July 2000, purchased more than 25,000 square feet including the current order.


Square Feet

Price Per Pallet

Bermuda (25,001 - 49,999 sqft) $ 97
Bermuda (50,000 - 74,999 sqft) $ 94
Bermuda (75,000 - 99,999 sqft) $ 91
Bermuda (100,000+ sqft) $ 89

Centipede sod may be purchased at the Volume Discount Rate provided a customer has, since July, 1991, purchased more than 25,000 square feet including the current order.


Square Feet

Price Per Pallet

Centipede (25,001 - 49,999 sqft) $ 97
Centipede (50,000 - 74,999 sqft) $ 94
Centipede (75,000 - 99,999 sqft) $ 91
Centipede (100,000+ sqft) $ 89

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), debit card, personal check or money order. Any sales paid in cash, must be paid in advance at GSWSA's Administrative Office in Conway (166 Jackson Bluff Road).  Sod Farm employees and delivery personnel may only accept payments that are made by either check or money order only.


All orders must be scheduled in advance by calling the sod line at 843-443-8311. Pickup locations vary by sod type.  Pickups are not located at the Administrative Builidng off Jackson Bluff Road, Conway, SC.  Pickups are only available at the days/times below:

Pickup Times: Monday - Friday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Weight of Pallet: 2,500 - 3,000 lbs.

Trailer Policy: In order for High Tech Turf Farms to assist with loading sod, GSWSA requires a flat bed truck or flat bed trailer (no sides or rails) to be used, and capable of hauling a minimum of 3,000 lbs.  Sod is loaded from the side only.  However, if you do not have a trailer that meets GSWSA's requirements, you may still pickup the sod and hand load the sod yourself (there are 188 pieces per pallet).

Delivery Charges

Basic Delivery Charges

Deliveries within Horry County $ 125.00
Deliveries within Columbus, Georgetown, and Marion Counties $ 150.00
Each additional loaded mile $ 4.00

Multiple Drops per Order:

Same subdivision - $20.00 per additional drop.

Outside of the subdivision - $40.00 per additional drop.

Scrap Program

When scrap sod is available, it will be sold "as is" to the first available customer desiring scrap.  With this program, customers must walk the fields to pickup the scrap as well as load it themselves.  Customers must call in advance (843-443-8311) to be placed on the schedule.


$40.00 a truck
  $50.00 single axle trailer
  $90.00 double axle trailer

Purchase Sod by the Piece Program

Sod pieces are only available for less than 499 sqft and are only available for pickup. One piece of sod equals 2.66 sqft.  Below are the following prices based upon quantity ordered:



Less than 100 sqft $1.00 per sqft with a $10 minimum purchase
100 - 499 sqft $0.50 per sqft

Sod Maintenance and Questions?

Do you have any questions in regards to the difference between Bermuda and Centipede or need information on how to take care of your sod? If so, please click on the link below for further information or contact Clemson Extension Service at (843) 365-6715:

To place an order or have any further questions, please contact High Tech Turf Farms at (843) 443-8311.